First post!

Hello there,

My name is Carsten Fischbeck, I’m form the all migthy germany, and i like to do electronic projects. When I’m doing such projects i often need information and the internet with its huge recources was most of the time a good help. And now I want to share my projects with you. This is for several reasons, first of all i want to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who published their work on the world wide web. Secondly i hope to help others with my work. I can remember how steep the learning curve for some topics have been and so I think my projects can make these learning curves less painfull for people who do similar projects. And last it is nice to get feedback. I have a few projects im mind wich I think may be very interesting for some people out there. My projects in the past touched topics like FPGAs, microcontrollers, programming, analog circuits, signal processing, internet technologies, digital communications and many more.

Since this site is freshly created the form and other things may change. I will to try to keep the website easy and simple to use. After all this website is about my projects and not about a fancy design. But the state now is far from polished. This site will run in parallel with a youtube channel i created. Youtube is good for sharing videos, but otherwise it is of limited use. So for some projects i will use it to upload videos and you may find feedback of other people in the comments there.

Another thing is that english is not my native language (which is german) so expect to find a ton of spelling and gramar mistakes.

Nave a nice day


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