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- Carsten F., Unknown

This is the first (test) post on my new website setup using pelican. You may ask, 'Carsten you had a Wordpress before, why did you switch?' and the answer is this: Wordpress is a typical 'LAMP-Stack' Software. This means you have to maintain Linux, Apatche, Mysql, PHP and WP ofcourse. Maintanance includes regulary checking for security updates, check for signs if your site is already compromised, ensure all software versions play nicely together and so on. And guess what? It broke in short time after a PHP update. I have two options. Firstly I would be a brave web admin and fix it. My web hosting skills are only rudimentary, so I need much more time for every task. And I did not make that site for the sake of hosting a site, but to share content. This brings me to the second option. Switching to a static site. This kill some layers of the LAMP-stack and therefore reducing work. Yes I lose features, but I'm certain its a good deal. 2 Dies ist Test 2 Dies ist Test 2 Dies ist Test 2 Dies ist Test 2